Blog | Personal safety alarm awareness for lone workers and vunerable.

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Personal Safety Awareness

Lone Workers Personal Safety


Lone Workers Personal Safety If your job means you are expected to work alone, this carries additional risk. To manage the risk your employer should provide a safe working environment. To protect staff from harmful risks and to ensure their personal safety is of paramount importance, safety policies are needed and a culture of safety first, is paramount.

As mentioned a key component to ensure a safe working environment, is a culture of safety within your organisation needs to be achieved. A personal safety policy is a good start and should be relevant to your business and the safety issues and risks you could face. A crucial element to promoting personal safety is safety training to give you the skills necessary to deal with personal safety issues; how to recognise a threat to your personal safety and adapt to the situation, so you stay safe. Having these skills and the necessary safety equipment could make all the difference if you need to take evasive action or alert people to the threat.

Raise awareness of the risks staff may face while lone working and give them the tools they need to minimise these risks. Know how and when to utilise tools like personal alarms or spray repellents.
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