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Personal Safety Alarm

60 Second Security Safety Ideas


Whilst many people report that their attacker came from nowhere, is that really the case? If you are vigilant and aware of your surroundings then you're in a much better position to spot a possible threat before it escalates. Stay switched on. Great Manchester Police have compiled some simple safety tips to help you be alert to possible threats to your personal safety. It only takes 60s to watch their video guide but hopefully you will never need to use your personal alarm if you stay switched on.

Here's what they have produced as part of their series of ‘60 Second Security’ videos on simple personal safety security advice. They provide easy step-by-step tips, including advice on products and how to install and use them, helping to make you and your property that little bit safer.
Courtesy of GMP Police research

Personal Alarms and Personal Attack Sprays

Walk Easy (WE) Alarms are the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of personal alarms within the industry. We supply the keyring alarm and a spray range of personal security devices and deterrents. With Secured by Design and purchased by NHS staff, Universities, Students, Police forces and public we strive to ensure you Walk Easy by continually improving our products over 30 years.

Choose from our award winning range of attack deterrents and get the right safety alarm from this UK award winning maker. Buy direct from Walk Easy the Personal Security Specialists with safety, reliability and convenience built in. We supply Police and Crime Prevention Officers and hope we can help you too, to Walk Easy. Whether a jogger, for the Elderly, students or a lone worker we'd like to help you.

Bulk Order Your Personal Alarm

We also do quotes for bulk orders as we supply Police, Local government, NHS, University and many companies. We offer the most comprehensive range of personal attack alarms whether it's the smaller Key-ring Alarm, larger more robust Attack Alarms and spray including pungent smell, sticky marker, DNA markers and UV light for Police identification. Not just an audible high pitch sound to alert people but a real deterrent if an attacker knows there's a high chance of being marked and likely to be caught.

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