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ABOUT Walk Easy

Reputation for Quality and Excellence in Personal Attack Alarms

Walk Easy's first personal alarm, the WE900 Aerosol Personal Attack Alarm was first produced in 1985. It soon gained recognition, and in the same year it received the Best Buy award from 'Which?' The UK Consumers Association. In 30 years Walk Easy personal alarms have always aimed to offer quality approved British engineered products. All products are made and tested in accordance with British Standards Institution PAS 020:1997.

Worldwide over 7 million people & counting, use our personal alarms

More than seven million WE900's have been produced and sold world-wide to individuals, banks, retailers, Government departments like the NHS, colleges and university students personal rape alarms, the police and crime prevention. In 2007, in competition with many large international companies, Walk Easy was proud to receive the European Aerosol Federations Award for Product Innovation for it's 'DNA Personal Alarm'.

Innovative attacker deterrent, repel and DNA personal alarms

Walk Easy has grown to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of personal attack alarms and security products. The product range now includes thirteen different types of personal alarm and new products are continually being introduced to help protect individuals in their fight against the possibility of assault.


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