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UK Approved Reliable Personal Safety Alarms, Rape Alarm, Key ring and DNA Sprays

Walk Easy known as WE Alarms are a leading UK manufacturer and supply the Personal Attack Alarms industry and now direct to you. Select from our range of arguably the best Personal Safety Alarms for women and men. Whether you're looking for a Rape Alarm with a high pitch 138dB sound, a convenient Keyring Personal Alarm or our popular crime attacker deterrent, the DNA spray deterrent and UV marker sprays. There's helpful articles to help you choose. Ideal for Public, Elderly, Student rape alarms, Police, Care Workers, NHS nurses and lone workers. WE Alarms are designed to be convenient, robust by design and to avoid accidental false alarms.

Rest assured, we don't do gimmicks, as we've been designing and perfecting personal alarms since 1985, all made and tested to the highest standard in accordance with British Standards Institution PAS 020:1997. We won't pay to be approved either, as many imported products need to. We have a good reputation for a quality British Engineered product and awards such as Best Buy award from 'Which?' The UK Consumers Association. Coupled with our tireless pursuit to be the best by continuous improvement we've earnt our customer's approval with over 7 million sold. We supply to public and trade such as Police forces, NHS, local authorities and Universities as well as Corporate clients throughout the UK.

Buy direct today and you'll get the best value across our complete range of quality approved UK Security Alarms, Rape Alarms, Personal Alarms and Personal Safety Alarms.


NEW REPELL Personal Self Defence Attack Spray

The REPELL WE332 Attack Deterrent sprays a cloud of foul odour AND a yellow fluorescent dye. Both of these act to repel, disorientate and mark an attacker. The odour and dye are not easy to remove so they can be used to identify the attacker at a later date. The fluorescent dye is very visible under an ultraviolet light. Buy REPELL Attack Spray..
REPELL Personal Self Defence Attack Spray


Walk Easy Personal Attack Alarms are arguably the world's most popular audio alarm with over 5 million sold. Its UK made, reliability is proven and trusted panic alarm by crime prevention.

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Personal Attack Alarms
Using a Keyring personal alarm

KEY RING Personal Rape Alarm

The Walk Easy Key Ring Audio Alarm is convenient and accessible as it’s designed to easily attach to your key-ring. Ideal for personal emergencies, rape alarm, panic alarm and distress situations.

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The Trident Personal Attack Alarm and Deterrent is designed to protect and be your ultimate deterrent in an emergency situation. It's easily activated to produce an ear-piercing 138 decibel sound, plus release a repelling odour and an ultraviolet tracer.

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Personal Alarm Spray - Trident
Attack Deterrent Spray - Bouncer spray


The amazing Dual Action Personal Attack spray. Reassuringly safe, easy to carry and simple to use. UK made and our most popular attacker deterrent and alternative to pepper spray. Dual Action that emits a foul odour AND an ultraviolet spray to identify the attacker.

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RED ALERT Personal Attack Deterrent

RED ALERT Personal Attack Deterrent

UK Legal Alternative to Pepper Spray

The RED ALERT, your triple action safety deterrent.
  1. Releases a 3 metre jet of thick sticky red dye.
  2. A foul odour to repel attacker.
  3. An ultraviolet marker for Police detection.
Designed to distract and mark your attacker so you get vital seconds to make your escape. And with an ultraviolet dye, the attacker can be identified under a UV lamp such as those used by the Police.


Personal Security Devices Useful Articles

Our Personal Security Alarms Blog

Our blog is packed with useful articles on alarms systems, personal safety, personal panic prevention and approved police prevention techniques. Look for secure by design approved and design approved police preferred devices. There's advice for your personal safety, why use personal attack alarms? and personal safety at work awareness. We'll be adding more article to our personal safety blog and posting on Facebook. Join the conversation and let us what you think?

Worldwide over 7 million people use our alarms

More than seven million WE900's have been produced and sold world-wide to individuals, banks, retailers, Government departments like the NHS, colleges, the Police and crime prevention.

WALK EASY Award for Quality and Excellence

Walk Easy's first personal safety alarm, the WE900 Aerosol spray Alarm was first produced in 1985. It soon gained recognition, and we received the Best Buy award from 'Which?' The UK Consumers Association. Since the start we've always strived to build the best, safest and most reliable personal safety devices. Today we lead the way in this sector and are proud of our reputation for delivering excellence at the best value.

In 2007, in competition with many large international companies, Walk Easy was proud to receive the European Aerosol Federations Award for Product Innovation for it's 'DNA Personal Alarm'. Find out
more about WE Alarms..

Latest RED ALERT Personal Attack Spray

Our latest Personal Attack Deterrent is The Walk Easy WE121 RED ALERT Spray. Upon activation releases a 3 metre+ jet of a thick, sticky red dye which also includes a foul odour and an ultraviolet marker for Police detection. Find out more..

Why Walk Easy Alarms?

  • Buying Direct from UK maker
  • British Made and Approved for use in the UK
  • Better Value Buying Direct
  • Reputation for reliability and convenience since 1985. We supply Police and Crime Prevention Officers
  • Widest choice to find the right alarm
  • Your personal safety first with over 30 years innovation
  • Ear piercing 130+ decibels sound
  • Choice DNA sprays, UV markers
  • Choice dyes and fouls smelling markers

For convenience and easy access in a panic, there's our popular Walk Easy Key-Ring Personal Alarm all with ear piercing 130+ decibels panic sounding alert. Or there's our no nonsense original Walk Easy Personal Alarm. We also have our dependable Walk Easy DNA Deterrent Alarm and The Repell spray. This sprays a cloud of foul odour and a yellow fluorescent dye. This is the ultimate innovative deterrent that's designed to keep you safe and be totally reassured you're ready to deter and mark your attacker.

​​​Easy to use WE121 RED ALERT Personal Attack Spray

The RED ALERT has a 'twist and lock' cap so it cannot be accidentally activated whilst carried in a pocket or bag. To operate, twist to 'ON' position and press down on the top of the cap to quickly activate.

The RED ALERT produces a 3m plus thick, sticky liquid containing:
  1. A red dye spay, which marks the attacker
  2. A foul odour, to distract the attacker and leave an odour on them
  3. An ultraviolet dye, so the attacker can be identified under a UV lamp such as those used by the Police

Health Staff NHS Discounts

Supplier NHS Personal Rape Alarms

We support NHS Staff and Nurses. To find out more click on the link below to get your personal alarm reduction. Read more about care workers personal attack alarms.

Keyring personal security alarm

Keys on your person is an ideal place for our latest key ring alarm. Keeping the alarm accessible on
your keyring with this simple panic system, means you're ready in a split second.

Our alarms are secured by design gives you peace
of mind that you can use as a panic or rape alarms
with up to 140dB (140 decibel) ear piercing sound.

key ring personal alarm

Attack alarm deterrent, your safety first

Whether it's a panic alarm needed for your personal security or as a deterrent, the panic button feature of the key ring alarm could be a convenient addition to your car keys. There's always the fear of serious attackers intent on predatory behaviours that might put you at risk of a rape attack. So we put your safety and security at the centre of all our UK made personal safety alarms. Security designed into every product since 1985. Suppliers of personal attack alarms Police forces in the UK. Whether it's for you, your family, friends, or your staff personal safety, get peace of mind and reassurance for staff. Our 138dB decibel ear piercing sound can be combined with UV marker, DNA spray which Police can detect or foul odour and red marker dyes.



Walk Easy has grown to become the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of safety alarms and security products.

If you're wondering where can I get a panic or rape alarm or safety alarm? or where can I buy a personal alarm on the high street? then look no further. You may have tried shops like Maplin, Tesco or even considered a personal attack alarm Argos or personal safety alarm like a keyring alarm. As a manufacturer we make a wide range of products and coming direct to us, you get the best value on the high street or the internet.

We Alarms being tested

SINCE 1985

Manufacturing quality assured safety alarms in the UK since 1985. At the forefront of personal attack deterrents with our latest product range.

You may not realise this, but to be Police approved personal alarms, the supplier must pay to join the scheme and of course be approved. Our safety alarms are proven since 1985 and we supply Police forces directly. On top of that, we are an approved UK manufacturer, governed by some of the strictest regulations. So you can be 100% assured that you're buying the best quality at the best price, by coming direct to Walk Easy.

Alarms being manufactured


Walk Easy's aim is to offer quality produced and engineered personal attack deterrents and alarms that you can always rely on to keep you safe.

We believe that our safety alarms are the best attack deterrent for UK women and men, teenagers, students, care professionals like nurses and the elderly. With many options to choose from, including attack spray, DNA markers or simply a panic button keyring or fob option. Be reassured with our personal protective devices made in the UK, approved by regulatory bodies, continually improved and tested.

Quality control of personal alarms


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